FaceCode 2

A program that makes your face the only login you need

FaceCode is a Face Recognition PC access control software. This product will take you into the 21st century where you don't need to be bothered by logins and passwords. Just by sitting by your computer you will have access to everything you need, because with the help of your web camera the software recognises your face and allows you access to your accounts. FaceCode has a high security standard, and it will not allow anyone else to access your computer, even if they know your id and password. Without your face, it will be impossible. When you leave your computer, FaceCode will launch the screensaver right away and with that lock your computer. This software is very easy to use, and it is absolutely secure and reliable. Imagine all the time and effort you will save by just being sure that your computer is completely locked and won't be used by other people. Nothing helps creativity more than an open and cloudless mind! FaceCode might give you that peace of mind.

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